Monday, October 6, 2008

Project 365 Day 2-5

I was without the internet this weekend, hence the lack of pictures. Hubs and I went to Birmingham to visit our parents (his dad had also flown in from Houston for the weekend) and celebrate Adam's birthday with them since we won't be seeing them on his actual birthday (the 11th). I decided for day 2 to take a picture of the little Inukshuk I bought at the beginning of our honeymoon. We saw quite a few of these from souvenirs to an actual formation near Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Saturday we met with our photographer to order our wedding pics and give her the list for the book she's doing for us. That night we got together and watched a pitiful Auburn game, ate dinner, and had my first taste of dirt cake. It was yummy. Adam's mom made this as his birthday cake all the time when he was growing up so I asked if she would do it again.
Sunday we went and ordered a frame for my bouquet (we got my flowers preserved) and then we met up with our 2 best friends for lunch. Turns out they were heading to JCPenney's and Books-A-Million like we were so we went shopping together and JCP was having a grand opening sale and we ended up getting new pillows at buy 1 get 1 for $1. I slept great last night. Sunday's picture has absolutely nothing to do with's just what's left of the fern hanging on our porch lol. As for Monday's picture..our Auburn Flag.

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